Maintaining Your New Hardwood Floor

Dust Mopping To Remove Dirt

Sweeping and vacuuming will remove most dirt, but not all. The most effective tool for removing particles of dirt is a good quality dust mop, as these particles of dirt will grind off finish. It is important not to spray dust mop treatments directly onto the floor, so apply them to the mop first and let it sit for a few minutes for using the mop.

To keep your floor in the most pristine shape, use a dust mop at least once a week. Dust more often if there is a large amount of dirt carried in or depending upon the number of people occupying your household.

A good rule of thumb to use the dust mop once a week, adding in frequency each child or large pet that occupies the home.

Damp Mopping Spills and Heavy Dirt

Dealing with spills and tracked-in dirt can be dealt with using a lightly dampened mop. The recommended way to clean a hardwood floor is using ¼ cup glass cleaner (such as Windex) per each gallon of water. Another method is using two tablespoons of powdered dish detergent per gallon of water. No not using a sopping wet mop, but rather a just-damp mop.

A misconception is using that using more cleaner, the better. Please use recommended amounts when cleaning your hardwood floors. Oil soaps, liquid ammonia, Fantastic, Formuls 409, and vinegar are not to be used when cleaning your hardwood floors. If you do use these methods, more maintenance and problems can occur.

  • Do Not Wax or Polish!

Waxes and polishes should not be used on your hardwood floors. The films left over cannot be coated over. If you have any questions regarding what kinds of cleaners you should use on your floor, please consult Montana Hardwood Floor Company.

  • Recoating When Worn

Depending upon how much your hardwood floor is used, your floor may require more frequent refinishes. However, since waterborne finishes are fast-drying, almost completely odorless and colorless, a recoat can be performed with the minimum of inconvenience that will make your hardwood floor last years longer. A common question is how common should a floor be recoated- look for signs of graying of the grain. Do not wait until your hardwood floor has been worn down to the bare wood.

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