We are dedicated to providing our customers services using only the best products out there. Below is a list of products that we use so you can explore the different products and if you have any questions or requests for your own flooring, do not hesitate to call and ask!

Floor Products

There are different types of finishes and all vary in their drying time and the amount of odor present when applied.

Acid-cured finishes look clear to slightly amber. This type of finish has a strong odor when applied. The time it takes from application to fully dried is usually about two to three hours. Like many finishes, it is extremely durable.

Moisture-cured finishes appear clear to amber in color. This type of finish has a stronger odor than oil-based finishes. In the right conditions, it will dry in two to three hours. This type of finish is more moisture-resistant than others.

Oil-based finishes are amber in color. These take longer to dry, approximately eight hours. Like the others, they are durable and have a moderate odor after it is applied.

Water-based finishes can be clear and will resist having its color turning yellow over time. Drying time is two to three hours, the finish is durable and there is a mild odor.



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